Corporate Social Responsibility - Environmental Protection
Being a green company, Chia Group adopts the concept of green manufacturing, including designing, procurement, product manufacturing and marketing, to reduce both damage to the environment and waste of resources.

While the society makes efforts to improve the overall environmental protection, Chia Group is an active participant in these activities. Further, in addition to protecting the environment of our manufacturing sites in Taiwan and around the world, we cooperate with our suppliers to establish a green supply chain. At the same time, as a corporate citizen, Chia Group commits to take corporate social responsibilities by active participation in environment protection and social care.
1.The Regulation of Supply Chain
Procedures of Supplier Management and Procedures of Procurement Management
2.Management Requirements for
  Component Suppliers
Declaration of Conformity, Inspection Report, MSDS (or Certificates of No Use of Restricted Substance)
3.Audit Management
Audit the Hazardous Substance Free management (HSF) of the suppliers (Such as GP and QC 080000)