Life at Chia Chang
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Free Staff Cafeterias


Free Uniforms, Safety Shoes for Operators


Staff Dormitory with air con and washing machine and dryer


Free Parking Lot


Newcomer training, On the Job Training, External Training


Birthday Cash Gift, Staff Trip, Year End Party, Sport Activities

Physical Checkup, Employee Welfare Committee, Seniority of Service Award,
Child Scholarship,

Physical Checkup, Employee Welfare Committee, Seniority of Service Award, Child Scholarship,

(a)Employees are entitled to labor insurance, national health insurance and group insurance from the start day.
(b)In addition to the basic monthly salary, the Company provides bonuses and gifts for Labor Day, Mid-Autumn Festival and
 Dragon Boat Festival. Sharing profit with employees to attract and retain talents according to the Company’s annual overall
 operation, team and individual performance with flexible reward and incentive plan according to the position.

(c)The Company has a staff restaurant, which provides free lunch and dinner for employees.
(d)The Company has commissioned professional medical and nursing team to check the health of employees and create a
 comprehensive physical and mental health through various health promotion activities.

(e)The Company has established the “Employee Welfare Committee” to take care of workers’ lives, promote physical and
 mental health, maintain good employee-employer relation, and continues to promote employee welfare services, including:
 festival events, occasional competitions, free annual health checks, uniforms, safety shoes, employee travel, year-end
 banquet, senior employee rewards, scholarships for employees’ children, designated stores, weddings and funerals
 subsidies, maternity and hospital subsidies, breastfeeding rooms, free parking for cars and motorcycles, staff dormitories
 for distant employees and other welfare subsidies.

Employee continuous education and training
Chia Chang provides training and the Company’s corporate policy and direction to new employees, which includes corporate social responsibility and related policies, as well as statutory HSE courses and the Company’s development direction, management guidelines and related rules to accelerate the integration of new personnel into the organizational culture. For the professional skills and knowledge required by different job categories, training is also carried out after the start day which will be based on the common functions of employees, matched with face-to-face courses and online courses to provide various knowledge and skills related to job management. In addition, employees are encouraged to participate in external professional training institutions, industry forums, seminars, etc. to enhance their professional capabilities, improve the Company external competitiveness, and achieve the Company goals.
The statistics of the company’s training courses in 2021 are as follows: the annual total training hours is 4,297 hours with the number of trainees reaches 2,028.

Retirement system and implementation
The Company’s retirement system is handled in accordance with the provisions of Taiwan’s Labor Standards Act. Since July 1, 2005, the Company has complied with the government to implement the new labor retirement system. For employees choose the new system, the Company shall allocate no less than 6% of the workers’ monthly wages to the workers’ pension account; In addition, employees may contribute voluntarily additional sums, maximum 6% of their monthly wages to their pension accounts. When employees meet the retirement conditions, they shall handle retirement in accordance with the provisions of the Labor Pension Act.

Employee-employer communication
The Company attaches great importance to employee-employer relations, and it holds regular employee-employer meetings and monthly meetings according to labor-related laws and regulations. It also conducts employee awareness surveys and sets up employee suggestion boxes every year to understand employees’ concerns and communicate important matters through two-way communication. It established a friendly environment in which employee and employer both participate and communicate with each other.

Measure for employee rights protection
The Company has established a comprehensive document management, which sets out various management measures and clearly defines the rights and obligations of employees and benefits. It also regularly reviews and revises the benefits and work rules in a timely manner in accordance with government laws and regulations to protect the rights and interests of all employees.

Employee compensation
The company regularly measures the market compensation level, links company performance to employee compensation and bonus, and refers to overall economic indicators to formulate reasonable compensation, and ensures the overall compensation and bonus are competitive. Meanwhile, through regular performance appraisal and development operation mechanisms, a two-way communication and interaction platform is provided to achieve organizational and personal development, and corresponding rewards are given according to performance results, so as to encourage employees and the company to grow together.

Business performance reflecting on employee compensation
According to Chia Chang’s Articles of Incorporation §21, if the company makes a profit during the year, no less than 1% and no more than 15% shall be allocated for employee remuneration, and no more than 5% shall be allocated for director remuneration. However, when there are accumulated losses, the compensation amount shall be reserved in advance. Employees of the company meeting certain specific requirements are entitled to receive employee remuneration in shares or cash. The requirements are authorized to be determined by the Board.
The Company provides reasonable and competitive compensation to attract top-tier talent and strengthen retention of existing employees. Every year the company reviews current compensation levels against market rates, taking macroeconomic indices into consideration, to ensure its competitiveness within the industry. Our overall compensation policies adhere to the Company's short-term and mid- to long-term operational goals. They have been established in accordance with the job duties and roles of our employees; employee knowledge, skills, and capabilities; individual performance and level of engagement. The Company makes appropriate annual adjustments to base salary in accordance with local macroeconomic indicators, overall market compensation standards, and other relevant guidelines, in order to realize the spirit of labor-management profit sharing.
The Company’s operating performance also reflects on employees’ compensation, and employees’ welfare expenses this year significantly increased from last year. The increase in employees’ base salary and bonus expenses reflected from the link to the Company’s operating performance demonstrates the spirit of profit sharing with employees and encourages all employees to make effort for the Company’s target. According to statistics of the Taiwan Stock Exchange (TWSE), the average cost of employee remuneration and average salary and median salary of full-time non-managerial employees are more than the previous year. The Company provides reasonable and competitive compensation sustainably to attract global top-tier talent and strengthen retention of existing employees.