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Personnel's Safety and Security Measure of Work Environment

The company promote personnel’s health and safety according to ”Occupational Safety and Health Act”, and get the certificate ISO 45001: 2018( date of certification: 2021/12/20~2024/12/19) Occupational Health and Safety Management System, enhancing and strengthen the management of occupational safety and health.

Conduct the employee training and emergency response drill (fire drill, disaster prevention drill and so on.) regularly, implement the incumbent worker training, the new employee orientation, and also arrange for the operator who operates the dangerous machine or equipment to take the skill test for being certificated, conforming to the legal rules.

Conduct the general and special physical examination regularly, and sign the healthcare workers (occupational health doctors and nurses) with contracts for on-site health service, pressing ahead the health protection and implementing the promotion of personnel’s health. Based on the Labor Health Protection Regulation, new recruits, including foreign workers, will apply for the medical examination according to their job category, and implement personnel’s health protection.